[IDSIA Avvisi] Talk on 26 Sep 11:00

Marcus Hutter marcus@idsia.ch
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 15:12:06 +0200

TALK, Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 11:00, sala Anfiteatro, SUPSI- Manno,

Author: Peter Taraba

Peter Taraba will give a talk on the two subjects below (15min each) with a
demonstartion at the end.

Title:  Self tuning controllers

Contemporary development of computing techniques, numerical mathematics and
modeling made possible to solve a row of automated tasks joined with
controlling of technical and production process. Dominant task of a control
of a dynamic process is to calculate and to adjust coefficients of a
controller. This project belongs to program systems, which are able to solve
design of self-tuning controllers in operation. In practice this means
on-line adjusting of coefficients of controller, during obtaining of new
data, based on system identification. Graphic environment made possible
directly analyze progress of signals. This program system was examined on a
real laboratory process. Program system is written in C++.

Title:  Mathematical algorithms for detection of move

Costs of fingerprint sensors depend on the size of sensor. That's why there
are trends to make it as small as possible. One possibility how to reduce
costs is to reduce height of sensor to just 2 lines. Instead of putting
finger to sensor, on this new sensor user should sweep with finger over the
sensor. That's how name of this sensor arise - sweep sensor. Hardware should
detect speed of move and reconstruct whole fingerprint. Problem of movement
detection is that height of sensor is only 2 lines and so we can not
implement correlation algorithms. That's why we used more precise
algorithms. Problems of these precise algorithms are that they are too heavy
and they need strong hardware and they are not able to run online on
embedded systems. The main problem was to find compromise between accuracy
and speed of algorithm, at which he can run on embedded system.